There’s a New King in Town and it Happens to be Content Marketing

When you think of marketing strategies, does content marketing come to mind? If not, it should. Content marketing has surpassed search engine marketing strategies and public relations, print, television, radio advertising and more.

HiveFire, an Internet marketing software company, surveyed 400 marketing professionals to find out exactly how they handled their different marketing strategies. To their surprise, 82 percent use content marketing as their main source of marketing above and beyond print and other options.

According to an article found in Entrepreneur, content marketing is defined as the creation of publications of original content. This creation could come in the form of a blog post, a case study, white papers, photographs or videos.

All of these forms of content marketing are created to generate leads for your company and increase the visibility your company has. The ability to generate qualified leads at low cost is why content marketing has become so popular.

Lack of time and budget seem to be the reason that most companies lag behind in marketing. Content marketing was designed to not “break the bank” but give you the biggest “bang for your buck” possible. Once put into use, you will see that content marketing will generate the most leads and give you the best results.

Not sure how to get started? Contact us and let our qualified staff help you generate quality content marketing for your business or product. Because content marketing is the new “king” of marketing, it is imperative that you find your niche in the market now. Let Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions help you to get your business on the right track.

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