Monday Morning Coffee with Rachel

Last week we mentioned the importance of teamwork in our company.  Now we’d like to start introducing you to the hard working, creative members of our team that make what we do possible.  So grab your cup of coffee and spend a few minutes with Rachel, our Marketing Communications Specialist.

What becomes of a kid who grows up hunting arrowheads, wiring and blowing up pickles, and spending several hours of farm labor outside in the breeze?
They write. Of course.

Being curious is the perfect personality bent for a copywriter. Growing up on a farm in rural Missouri, as the only girl in a family of boys and the child of two science teachers, curiosity was my destiny. And writing was my dream, because you get paid to be curious about things and then put those thoughts onto paper.

At seven years old, I remember asking my parents which was the best school to learn writing. They said Mizzou. I said “Ok, fine. That’s where I’ll go next.”

I knew I had to be an advertising copywriter and come up with legendary jingles, just like Darren on the old 1960s sitcom reruns of “Bewitched” (we only got two channels then).  Copywriting was the perfect arena to bring out my passion for creative writing and put it together with my insatiable desire to get people excited about things, or products, or places, and so on.  When I caught sight of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile on campus one day, I said “Ok, fine. That’s where I’ll go next.”

What a journey it was. Traveling around the country, performing traveling public relations tasks, interviewing squirmy children for commercials and even wearing a foam hot dog suit when the job called for it. Working in so many cities and neighborhoods led me to pursue a master’s degree in rural sociology and community development, knowledge I used to help write stories in communications positions for Farmland Industries, local arts agencies, museums and non-profit organizations – as well as a position helping market niche agricultural products, like chestnuts. Along the way I picked up a professional certificate in non-profit fundraising from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Still, everything begins and ends in quality writing, and I’m so proud our company retains the “copywriting” word, albeit old-school. Even with social media and web technology, the heyday of advertising (such as my sitcom heroes and legendary professors) was built upon solid, crisp writing that continues to add value to our clients’ desires and goals, year after year.

Today it’s my complete privilege to continue the legacy of quality writing as a copywriter and marketing specialist at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions.  Did I know the journey would take me right back home to my passion for writing, and then geographically, back to the hills of Missouri?

No. If I had, I would have said “Ok, fine. That’s where I’ll go next.”

Want to know more about our team? Stay tuned next week and have coffee with Lisa! You can also contact Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions to get to know us a little better!

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