A Cup of Coffee with Polly


We are starting to get a little sad as our Coffee Talk series is coming close to its end. Something that might be interesting to you, our reader, is that these Coffee Talks are just as enlightening and entertaining for us as they are for you. Most of our team members work from home, coffee shops, or wherever WiFi is available, and not in a traditional office setting. Which, is a rare and wonderful opportunity, but  we don’t get to know each  quite other as well as we’d like to. However, we still have a few team members to visit with, and this week we’d like you to meet one of our newest – Polly Howard. She has recently joined the SJC team and here is what she has to say:

Since I was in elementary school, I have always had a passion for writing. When I was in the fifth grade I wrote a 20-plus page story and dreamed of publishing it. Going through some old papers some time ago, I came across my beloved story and realized I had quite a bit of editing and some expanding on the story in order to make it to its prized hard-back quality!

This love for writing continued on to high school and college, but took a bit of a different spin. I majored in broadcast journalism and spent the first six years of my career in broadcasting. Writing in that capacity sure takes on a different style!

My love of writing continues, but it seems to have taken a back seat to life’s craziness. I am fortunate to have come across the opportunity with Susan to be able to spend a little more time focusing on and fine-tuning my words and typing skills.

When I am not in front of the keyboard, I enjoy spending my free time outside. I love summer and sun, especially when I can dig in the garden.  I love to spend time with my family, including Stella, our daughter, and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a little brother or sister for her. We opted to be surprised, or at least I have, to enjoy one of life’s greatest blessings and surprises! We’ll now have even numbers for family games, as my husband and I love sports either as participants or spectators, specifically football.

Susan’s take on Polly –

When it was first suggested by a mutual friend that I meet with Polly, my first thought was that I already had enough writers and I didn’t really want to expand my core team. But, I heard she also had an interest in marketing and was considering starting her own firm at some point in the future. I figured I, at the very least, needed to meet this person who could potentially be my competition.

It was a good half hour into our first meeting before I realized Polly Howard is Polly Parsons who used to come into our living room as the Prime Time anchor at KQ2. I was taken by her approach to her career and family, as well as the aspirations she has for her future. After several conversations we decided to bring her on board.

We have some fun plans for Polly, but we’ll let that be part of the surprise. You will see more from her come out of the SJC creativity bank as time goes on.  I for one am excited about what we have in store – and we’ll be ready to celebrate it soon enough.

And, while Coffee Talk may be winding down, I have some ideas to share with Heather (our Coffee Talk editor) to keep this an ongoing and fun read for all of you on Monday mornings. Thanks for spending those few minutes with us. Do come back next week – we still have a few talented people to showcase.

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