Are You Using Apple Blossom Marketing?

The weekend is approaching and if you’re in or close to St. Joseph, MO, you’ll have no trouble finding something to do. Aside from the Air Show, Women’s Build Day at Habitat for Humanity, the Pot of Gold Auction at the Albrecht Kemper Museum of Art and Better Block St. Joe, it also time for the Apple Blossom Festival. A St. Joseph tradition, Apple Blossom marketing is 88 years strong.

If you haven’t prepared a float and your idea of a good time is not walking in a parade, the good news is the Apple Blossom festival weekend can still provide value. This traditional weekend is something that allows you to enjoy the benefits of an already strong customer base. The Apple Blossom Festival has brand value – are you making the most of it?

The Better Block St. Joe organization certainly is, celebrating the activity scheduled to take place downtown. If you operate a business in the St. Joseph area, you have the opportunity to leverage Apple Blossom marketing by simply mentioning the name and what you plan to offer customers during the active weekend.

This is not to suggest you encroach on the trademark of another, but a simple post like this or a banner across your homepage that reads, “Coming to enjoy the Apple Blossom Parade this weekend? Once the festivities are done, check out our $4 lunch special.” or something of that nature will work. The idea is there are people coming to the metropolitan area for the weekend – how can you draw some of that traffic into your business?

Event marketing has been a key tool for driving traffic and capturing attention for a number of years. For those in this area seeking to leverage Apple Blossom marketing, the idea is to capture that attention and provide a holistic approach to entertainment for the consumer at large. Pay attention to your community and the different planned events and how you might be able to attract new revenue dollars and build new and lasting customer relationships.

Need ideas on how to create that buzz in your own marketing strategy? Susan J. Campbell Copywriting can work with you to brainstorm and identify new ways to grab attention. For more information, contact us today.

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