The Road to Great Content – It’s Less Traveled Than You May Think

The creation of really great content is critical to the success of any online venture. Even if your focus is completely eCommerce, you still need that content to drive interested buyers to your site. The challenge is always – how do I create that great content that not only ranks well, but also gets people to notice?

A recent PR Daily report focused on this exact question, pointing to the role great content even plays in social media. After all, you can have the best Facebook page or Twitter feed, but unless your providing your followers with links to information that brings them value, you’re not likely to maintain your momentum in this space.

The PR Daily piece referenced an infographic from Lindon East, an online marketing communications firm (we tend to be privy to such organizations, even if they don’t have ‘copywriting’ in their name). This infographic provided visual insight into five key steps to the creation of great content – that’s suitable for the social media sector.

Of course the first step to great content is to develop the big idea. Lindon East does offer sound advice, however, suggesting that you take the time to look around you as big ideas can come from just about anywhere. The key is to be patient and keep your eyes open so you’re more likely to notice it when it comes along.

The second step is to figure out the best way to communicate that big idea. As a writer at heart, my first inclination is to want to write the story and post it on all of my channels. But, I have to step back and examine whether or not people will read what I wrote. If writing the content doesn’t tell the story with the same impact as a video, it may be time to take it to the next level.

Third, it’s important to consider what customers you want to reach with your great content. Do you want to reach your total audience, a small niche or a whole new market? By defining who you want to reach, you’ll know just how you need to structure the information.

Fourth on the list is to determine just how you want to deliver the content. What style best suits the story and the audience? Finally – it’s time to create that great content. If you’ve done steps 1-4, this one is easy. And, if you do it well, it will be shared with others.

So – what is your story? What concept do you want to turn into great content and push out to your specific audience? If you already have the idea and you’re stuck, this is where we can help. As a marketing and copywriting firm, our passion at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions is telling your story in a way that entices people to take action. To learn more, schedule your free consultation with one of our key representatives today.

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