Does Your Content Match Your SEO Strategy?

Creating the right content and maximizing its visibility through a successful SEO strategy go hand-in-hand. Neither can stand alone. Skillfully created content that gets seen and shared by no one doesn’t get you anywhere. Nor will poor content that’s highly accessible and shared with the world do your reputation any favors.

Creating a winning SEO strategy that melds with content goals has its foundation in having an in-depth understanding of your customer base. This encompasses their buying behaviors, where they fish for information, and ultimately how they use and disseminate that material. Interconnecting content and SEO strategy involves more than repeating a bunch of keywords and hoping for the best.

According to Ahava Leibtag, popular online blogger and Principal of Aha Media Group, great content consists of material that is engaging and relevant, easy to locate, comprehendible, elicits action and is likely to be passed onto others. Also, skillfully designed content can achieve so much more if it is genuine and created with customer empathy in mind.

Leveraging keyword glossaries and editorial plans as part of your SEO strategy also maximize the chance that the intended target market will receive your message. An editorial plan is simply an outline of key content information such as type (blog, article, etc.), title, keywords used, and intended re-purposing. It also contains information about where the information will be distributed and promoted.

Matching content to SEO strategy entails understanding what topics are important to your customers then devising a plan to reach them with that information. Having a good base knowledge regarding how to maximize SEO efforts is also critical to bringing content and SEO strategy into alignment.

Through a better understanding of your core customers, the skilled content writers at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions can open the door to getting your content seen and heard. We invite you to learn more about how our services can benefit your business today.

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