Monday Morning Coffee with SJC – Now in HD Video!

While many of you may be accustomed to our Monday Morning Coffee blog as a feature opportunity for a local business, we decided to be selfish this week and promote our own. Susan J. Campbell Copywriting is venturing into a new arena with video production and we wanted to be sure you were brought up to speed.

For quite a while now, we have been promoting the use of video to our customers, encouraging them to incorporate its use into their marketing efforts. After all, online users are more likely to share a video they enjoy with their followers than to share an article or quip they came across. So, while it can hurt our pride that someone may prefer the visual over our writing prowess, we accept the marketing value that video presents and have fully launched in this arena.

What does this mean for you? For one, you’ll be privy to exciting new videos on our blog on a weekly basis. At times we may want to talk up our service with a visual perspective; at others we’ll simply entertain you with our own version of why different marketing tools are important. Either way, you’ll be invited on a journey that explores new ideas, new animations, new colors and the addition of audio entertainment.

And, like everything else we do, there will be keywords added, tags inserted into the backend of the blog to help people searching for our content to find our videos. Plus, we’ll add them to our YouTube channel so you can enjoy at your leisure. After all, we want you to enjoy the experience enough to want us to create videos for your business, too.

Perhaps the most exciting part is that we now have an experienced video journalist on our staff to help tell your story in a whole new way. She’ll receive the regular guidance provided for any other project, but she’ll also help add new life to your campaign and make telling your story more fun. Check back next week – we hope to focus our Monday Morning Coffee blog strictly on her and her background.

Until then, check back anytime and see what videos we’ve added. If you want to know how we may use this medium to tell your story, give us a call.

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