Top Five Benefits of Online Marketing

The marketing landscape is not what it used to be. Social media and mobile technology have changed the way customers shop and buy. Essentially, the benefits of online marketing have paved the way for more personalized communications that are overshadowing mass marketing with regard to effectiveness.

A customer may poll Facebook friends for reviews before purchasing a product or ask for referrals regarding a service. Mobile Internet provides an easy way to pre-shop and compare prices on the go as do the many apps designed for shopping convenience. The bottom line? The benefits of online marketing are driving popularity with customers.

Here are the top five benefits of online marketing:

  1. Influence. Your target market doesn’t have to be in your geographic vicinity, enabling your business to leverage a global pool of potential buyers. The online sales process is simple – no storefront to maintain, no need to establish a network of distributors abroad. Selling internationally may require some research, however. Localization services ensure that translations make sense, products fit the market, and native regulations are observed.
  2. Cost. The benefits of online marketing can yield huge savings over traditional outlets. Imagine, no rent, building maintenance, excess inventory, or unnecessary overhead….genius.
  3. Convenience. Having an online marketing presence means that you’re open to the public 24/7. This allows people to shop when they want to shop. No need for overtime or extended hours, just sit back and let the orders roll in.
  4. Social Media. Online marketing can be combined with social media for maximum effectiveness. According to an article featured on the Harvard Business School website, customers strongly tied to social networks may yield increased sales. Those in the article generated a five percent increase.
  5. Personal Touch. Online forums provide an important means to stay in touch and forge relationships with clients, which aids loyalty and retention. Customers can receive personalized notifications of news and specials and can leave product feedback, encouraging two-way dialogue.

At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, we are specialists at leveraging the benefits of online marketing. If you need help differentiating your business in a sea of sameness, we can help. Call or click today.

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