How to Post an Effective Guest Blog

Being creative about getting your message out is one thing, but knowing the best sources in which to attach your brand could be invaluable. One way to do so is to guest blog on other websites. In order to do that, it takes some thought and creativity as well as being in good standing with the webmaster.

According to, link building through the post of an effective guest blog is one way to get your blog noticed. Stay focused on blogs that are in your industry and include quality content.

It helps to have some sort of relationship established with the webmaster of the site you are interested in, but you can simply introduce yourself to a site owner and seek permission to write an effective guest blog. Research about what is included on the site, topics discussed in the past and the elements that truly interest the audience. If your writing is within these boundaries, it’s more likely to be noticed and drive traffic back to your site.

Keep in mind the length of each piece you do. Keep your thoughts succinct and to the point, but at the length that is customary for the site. Too short and it’s hard to drive traffic; too long and readers may get bored before they learn who you are and why they should click through to your site. First impressions can mean a lot and as long as you can give the audience and the webmaster what they want, you have an in with an effective guest blog post. If not, acceptance on your chosen sites could be difficult.

In order for someone else to allow you on their site, you need to prove to them what you can do, by utilizing your own website. If your site needs some work, then the webmaster will most likely not want to link to you. Make sure you are showcasing quality work and the rest will follow.

Writing and posting an effective guest blog is just one more way to get your message and brand out in front of other audiences. If a potential client follows a site that you’re blogging on and learns about your product or service here for the first time, then you have opened yourself to a market that could be your next repeat customer.

If you’re ready to start blogging and want a little more insight, we can help. The team at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions can help you to identify the right sites for a blog post, and even write the post for you. It’s an effective online marketing tool, so what are you waiting for?

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