Should You Invite a Guest Blogger?

A blog can be a very personal thing, even when it serves as a communication tool for your business. You share your personal opinions and insight on the industry – but hopefully you don’t share the latest on your dog’s new tricks unless yours is a pet grooming company.

Given that the blog is a representation of your take on the industry and serves to establish you as an authority in this space, should you open the platform to a guess blogger? The answer is a resounding, “Yes”!

Inviting another authority in your industry – or a complementary industry – is a great way to take your message viral. It also adds more credibility to your site. It demonstrates that you care about the input of others and believe they have something to contribute to your platform.

Let’s first look at how inviting a guest helps you to take your message viral. At present, you likely promote your blog through your social media channels. You may also have regular followers that receive your updates on a consistent basis. These are all important channels, but they are limited to the channels you have.

When you invite a guest blogger, he or she will take the post they have written and push it out through their channels as well. This gives you a much wider scope of readership that can open the door to new opportunities and leads. Plus, if the post is especially good, it’s more likely to be shared beyond this layer of influence.

The guest blogger concept also adds credibility to your site as it demonstrates that you actively engage others in your industry. You understand that yours is not a limitless sea of knowledge and the contributions of others can improve what you are doing and lend value to your readers.

With that, I would encourage you to invite guest bloggers to write for your site. You do have control over the topic in many cases and be sure to link back to his or her blog or website when you post. Make sure there are benefits for both of you, and if you are asked to return the favor, be sure to write an awesome piece.

If you’re ready to see where blogs can take your business online, we can help. Writing is one of our specialties and we know how to make sure people find your site and read your updates. To learn more, contact Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions today.

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