7 Content Marketing Tips to Map Your Way to Success

In an era where content occupies the driver’s seat of most marketing strategies, you can’t afford to forget your map. Are you driving aimlessly down the road, or do you have a plan of how to reach your destination?

According to an article found at Social Media Examiner, nearly 100 percent of marketers are using content marketing in some capacity, yet few have a plan in place to manage it. Here a few content marketing tips to get you moving in the right direction:

  1. Create a mission statement. Content marketing tips from experts advocate defining who the target audience is, what information they’ll receive from you (tips, advice, insight, tools), and what they stand to gain. Remember: focus on the reader instead of trying to “sell.”
  2. Align your content marketing and email strategies. Relevant campaigns that build on an expressed interest will be most effective – i.e. someone clicks on a product link, you shoot a follow-up email with related information. Incorporating buying guides or short white papers into blogs and social media can also be a method to boost email’s effectiveness.
  3. Construct content that is appealing to customers. Address pain points in a fresh way that adds value or helps them see issues in new light. Content marketing tips from gurus remind us how important it is to be personal, relational, and understood.
  4. Use Interviews. Interviews are personal, free, and provide a never-ending supply of fresh content. They offer an opportunity to reach others who are respected in the field and build credibility through association.
  5. Use Verbal Tweets. By verbally asking followers to visit certain sites that directly filter to your Twitter feed, you’ve made it easy for them to tweet and retweet.
  6. Don’t Forget about Business Blogging. It’s much more effective than cold calling, and can help you drive new leads and convert them to sales.
  7. Include a Call to Action. These propel the reader into action without being overt or annoying.

If these content marketing tips have inspired you to kick your content into high gear, contact Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions for more tools to prepare you for your journey.

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