Content Marketing – Run with the Big Dogs

16343161_mContent marketing is emerging from the shadows to occupy a starring role in many companies’ current marketing strategies. This past year has been one of considerable content growth, and the medium has continued to gain momentum as both as a unique and effective way to connect with consumers.

As Ron Faris, Virgin Mobile’s Head of Brand Marketing puts it, a winning content marketing strategy encompasses much more than expanding reach. It’s all about finding where followers like to congregate and discovering ways to engage with them there. For Virgin that has meant establishing Virgin Mobile Live, a virtual social lounge that streams fresh content like music, apps, and ideas across sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The site’s popularity is evident by its 1 million hits a month.

According to a Forbes article, Virgin isn’t the only big brand to realize the benefits of content marketing. Under parent brand L’Oréal, Garnier Fructis designed an entire content campaign aimed to catch the attention of Gen Y in a relevant, new way. The company’s goal was rooted in forging emotional connections with fans by partnering with Rolling Stone magazine to uncover new musicians and their individual styles. Consumers were asked to vote for their favorite artist who was then awarded a record deal and was featured on the magazine’s cover. So far the program has helped Garnier Fructis meet or beat key goals set forth by the company.

American Express is also no stranger to the use of content marketing. Walter Frye who serves as Director of Entertainment Marketing and Sponsorships states that content has helped the company create memorable experiences for its followers that translate to the bottom line. Instead of just aiding consumers in passively viewing a message, marketers are guiding them to actively consider their brands. One way American Express is accomplishing this is through its program American Express Unstaged, which airs real-time concert performances and exclusive videos via sites like You Tube.

Content marketing is all about thinking outside the box. If you’re stuck in a rut or are ready to amp your connection with fans, give SJC a call. We’ve got creative solutions for every challenge and can help you bond with followers on a whole new level.

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