Content Marketing Surge: Making Sense of the Impending Mumbo-Jumbo

17499806_mUse of content marketing is becoming more mainstream with each passing day. An increasing number of businesses are taking the plunge and are wading in the content pool as they discover the connection it can help forge with followers. But we all know what happens as the pool starts to fill up – the probability of some young kid soiling himself increases, and suddenly, the quality of the swimming experience begins to diminish.

A blog featured at HubSpot highlights the fact that everyone and his brother will soon be dipping his hand into the pot of gold that is content marketing. It’s not just other content marketing companies, either, which will soon be a source of information – it’s everyone out there who’s creating content on the same topic, including those in the data search, social media, email and web advertising fields.

The increasing number of players joining the content marketing space isn’t what’s creating an issue, per se. Instead it’s the haphazard spew of poor quality information that occurs as everyone furiously rushes to leave his mark. And as the HubSpot blog pointed out, it won’t be long before things really start to stink.

The good news is, we haven’t reached the point of saturation yet; we just know it’s coming. In the 1950’s when advertising made its national TV debut, the first players to the market were the ones to secure the biggest chunk of market share. This was a rather resilient place to be – in other words, as long as the incumbents didn’t flub up, the newbies were going to have a fairly difficult time chipping share away, out from underneath them.

When the flood of copycats comes rushing in, consumers tend to block out much of the “new” stuff to prevent going into overload. Those who have already forged a trusted reputation with buyers will be the ones left standing in the end.

Don’t wait to swim through the sea of junk. Good, quality copywriting and content marketing is available right now to help you clench your edge.

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