Getting Results with Your Website: Four Simple Tips

12253148_mYour website is talking to some very important people every day. This includes donors, volunteers, your employee team and people who want to learn more about your organization so that they can make a decision whether or not to get involved. Getting results with your website is critical, and it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

Picture this — People love photos, and the images you share will make a substantial difference in getting results with your website. Don’t worry about hiring a photo shoot; instead, ask event attendees, employees or volunteers to share the pics they captured themselves with you. Make this request more fun by sharing across social media (as long as the human subjects in your photos have given the OK to share).

Every word counts. With the rise of mobile sites and QR codes, people aren’t actually website readers – they’re more likely to quickly view the page for little tidbits of info, part of the tips offered in a recent Nonprofit Marketing Guide article. Keep in mind the fundamental reason for having a website:  websites exist to answer a viewers’ questions. Getting results with your website starts with this premise. Incorporate short lists and impactful, well-planned text rather than long messages.

Don’t skip keywords. Take the time to determine which keywords and phrases are going to give you the edge, meaning they have low competition and high search rank. Your keyword list should be incorporated into fresh, consistent content weekly on your website, and should link together your blogs and social media activity.

Tell them what to do. Allow visitors to your website to know exactly what steps you’d like them to take. This can mean visiting your online market page, sharing your link with a friend, reading your blog or donating money. Getting results is easier when people know what results you’re asking for.

Getting results with your website isn’t complex, but it does require consistent content over a planned strategy. Your website is only one of the ways you’re talking to your audiences, but it has an important voice. Make yours loud and clear today.

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3 Responses to Getting Results with Your Website: Four Simple Tips

  1. Excellent post! One further suggestion: Be sure to license all images you use. Getty and others have been going after companies that post copyrighted images (& fail to pay for them). Usual action, per what I’ve read: a nasty letter from a lawyer demanding $1,000 or so for use of EACH unlicensed image. Be careful out there!

    • Great advice, Jim! I agree, using images without securing the proper rights is just poor taste. We all want to be able to profit from our efforts and those producing the images we use are no different. We often rely on to find great images licensed for use.

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