Monday Morning Coffee with Frostbite Heating and Cooling

frostbite frostibte2In an industry where people generally start looking to make a call when things have gone wrong, Frostbite Heating and Cooling is making its mark.

The business offers a few elements others don’t, like special military discounts, and special discounts to Heartland Health employees. It also offers a focus on prevention – which not only saves homeowners on energy bills, it also saves them several headaches later when their system goes down because of unforeseen problems.

Frostbite also promotes something others may assume customers know:  the value they place on integrity and honesty in their work. Customer testimonials appear in several places on the website, and reflect this commitment as advocates. This approach on value is derived from the owner’s observations that many providers in the business may provide speedy, impersonal service instead of aiming to come alongside the homeowner as a year-round partner in quality, efficient service. Rather than just offering a service, Frostbite is offering a genuine customer experience.

In fact, potential customers can view specific steps of the process when a service call is needed, including discussing all options that are available and clear information about the benefits of each. Estimates are reviewed with the customer in detail, and next steps are followed when the customer gives the OK.

The name and logo itself is also a key element of the total Frostbite Heating and Cooling brand. The whimsical element and easy name recognition makes the company stand out even further in a niche of other competitors. New initiatives like an expanded social media presence and community sponsorships are also helping build brand strength.

SJC recognizes Frostbite Heating and Cooling as a smaller company with a big (and evident) commitment to true service and integrity. Regardless of the size of your customer base, these are principles worth careful pondering as you consider your outreach strategies and content marketing style.

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