Take Keyword Branding Ideas to the Next Level

18138253_mIf you’ve ever been criticized for wearing something that’s not in fashion then you know how quickly consumer preferences can change. Keeping abreast of the latest marketing developments is no different – trends evolve on a whim, and an ill-timed approach could result in lots of wasted money. When it comes to maximizing your return on investment, it definitely pays to give a little attention to what’s hot – and what’s not.

This Forbes article provides some insight into how to keep your brand forward moving throughout the rest of 2013. Follow these tips to stay on the cutting-edge.

#1. Create an Experience. Essentially this entails making your brand come to life so that it forges a connection with people. All branding elements should stand out in the minds of consumers. Keyword branding ideas need to engage the senses, conjure emotion, and provoke thought and action.

#2. Get Visual. The rise of platforms such Instagram and Pinterest shows the importance of photos, images, and all things visual. Take your keyword branding ideas and build them into videos or showcase them with pictures to make them pop.

#3. Build Integrity. Consumers buy from brands they trust and tell others about those they don’t. With the highly public nature of social media, it’s ever more important to be transparent, honest, trustworthy, and accountable for all interactions. With integrity, even a bad situation can often be turned around.

#4. Leverage Data. So many programs are available today making it easy to access consumer data, information about how your brand is performing against the competition, and how effective campaigns are in general. Use them!

#5. Hone your Content. Strengthen your voice with content that is intentional and goal-oriented.

#6. Embrace Social Responsibility. Take your keyword branding ideas and connect them with a bigger cause. In other words, intertwine your cause into your positioning strategy. It’s no longer “nice” to be socially responsible; it’s expected.

Ready to convert your keyword branding ideas into major marketing opportunities? We can help.

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