Video Marketing Made Easy

11537656_mWhen you think about content, don’t box yourself in and only consider words on a page. The world of content is much bigger than that. In fact, visually stimulating content presented in the form of relevant images and video marketing is a great way to sustain and increase viewership of your site. Therefore, it’s no surprise that sites like Facebook and Pinterest have become staples for many companies when it comes to sharing important information.

But many marketers shy away from video marketing because they don’t feel they have the talent or necessary resources to produce such content. Good news! A good portion of viral videos were not shot by professional videographers. If you’re looking to expand your video marketing repertoire, consider tips from a recent blog posted by Socialmedia Today.

Start with unique content

If your video is to make a splash in a sea of big fish, you have to get creative. There’s a reason that PSY’s video for “Gangnam Style” gained so much attention – it’s interesting, it’s funny, and the memory of the horse dance will forever be ingrained in our minds. It’s less about the quality of the video here and more about the underlying concept. Ask yourself a couple of questions. 1) Is the video engaging? 2)Will your target audience relate or find the content worthwhile?

Customize your video marketing

Use a variety of platforms to promote your video marketing content, and if possible, change up your material to cater to different groups.  Each conduit is suited to a particular audience and by altering your video delivery, you increase the likelihood of making a connection. Sites like YouTube are very informal, so short videos that present product demos, highlight innovative designs, or convey information with humor are appropriate. Vimeo, on the other hand, requires a more creative and artistic spin.

Make a video from still images

Sites like Animoto allow just that. The resulting short video can then be uploaded to new apps like the Vine, which is hot right now on Twitter. Currently the medium is not saturated, so it’s a good time to jump on board.

Need more video marketing ideas? We won’t let you down.

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