Search Engine Optimization Guidelines to Live By

12208015_sBecause search engines are continually changing, it’s hard to stay abreast on all search engine optimization guidelines. However, to keep your website up and running and away from those pesky penalties, you must follow the guidelines established for individual and unique aspects of your business. When it comes to search engine optimization, there are three key aspects to avoid penalties: partner links, sponsored content, and eCommerce partnerships.

It’s best to start by really understanding the difference between partner links and sponsored content. Partner links and sponsored content work in a similar way yet one is paid for and the other isn’t. Google won’t be impressed that you didn’t earn these partner links but there are things you can do to avoid penalties.

Not every company link on your page is one or the other. Consistency is the common denominator. You are linking that particular company on a regular basis and visa versa. Your company should be linked on their website, too.

Partner links are commonly used to search for new customers and gaining an audience.

In order to avoid Google coming down with the hammer, you may want to enable a “no follow”. Google tends to be a little more lax with these links however these links aren’t earned either. None the less, the increasing use of these links is gaining ground so be prepared to tag them with “no follow” and communicate that with your designated partners.

Your determination to boost your online presence has no doubt turned to sponsored content. This is more than advertising since companies are paying for audience targeted content. To increase search engine optimization without raising a red flad, add “no follow” to any and all links for sponsored content. Once again, Google wants you to earn those links and adding that no follow to your content can ensure that.

Another way to avoid penalties is to keep your Google News site map free and clear of sponsored content. It’s only to include articles that mention you have a sponsor but not content written for a particular sponsor. There is a big difference.

Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions can help you avoid these penalties. eCommerce content is very similar to sponsored content for search engine optimization. Both utilize affiliate links within specific content and both are frowned upon by Google. Like sponsored content, we suggest using a no follow. Go over your website and really sort out which links are which and by putting them into one of these three categories you can move forward with search optimization.

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