Four Good Reasons for Starting Your Own Blog

8052929_sWhen you write for a living, the furthest thing from your mind when you finish the day may be going home to write in your spare time. It’s easy to “turn off” so to speak, but there are many benefits to starting your own blog. The good thing about starting your own blog is that, instead of having to write about a predetermined subject, you can hone in and expound upon topics of personal interest. If you’re a writer, here are four straightforward reasons why you should get blogging:

Refine your skills
As the author of a recent Social Media Today blog points out, writing on a personal level is a great way to polish your skills and play with different writing styles. Think of it as your chance to paint with words and augment your writing ability. Sharpening your personal writing approach should also benefit you professionally as a fresh vantage point can help differentiate you from every other Tom, Dick, and Harry that are out there writing, too.

Reignite your passion for writing
It happens to all of us – the feeling of burnout that creeps in after your fiftieth piece on the same topic. Starting your own blog can help recapture the initial reason why you decided to write as your profession anyway. You’ll probably find it’s also much easier to write about a subject for which you take a personal interest in.

Networking and niche marketing
While it may be tempting to just spell out a personal rant when starting your own blog – don’t. A personal blog presents a unique opportunity to carve out a special niche so you can position yourself as an expert in the field. You’ll also find yourself in the midst of a much larger audience, and that will give you a distinctive advantage for future networking.

Build familiarity with social media
Content creation and use of social networking are intertwined. Writing in general forces you to stay abreast of the latest online tools in order to effectively get your message across. This includes use of forums like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter which will help you promote content and keep conversations alive.

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