Are You Maximizing the Return on Your Social Media Channels?

16865458_sIt used to be that brands wishing to go social could simply choose which social media channels they wanted to use for customer engagement. Today, that landscape is changing. The public is interacting within a variety of social media channels but for different reasons. For instance, a particular customer might be active on Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, and YouTube both personally and professionally. Therefore, companies relying solely on Facebook or Twitter to boost awareness may be missing out on important opportunities to connect with their target audiences.

According to a blog featured at Small Business Trends, brands have to include a mix of social media channels in their marketing strategies in order to make a sizeable impact. Of course, that may be easier said than done. In order to take advantage of all that social networks have to offer, it’s essential that companies are able to easily monitor and track an assortment of social media channels and appropriately analyze their effectiveness.

This in itself can be a challenge as results for each channel are measured differently. For example, success may be quantified by the number of followers on Facebook, amount of retweets on Twitter, or number of video hits on You Tube. What you eventually end up with is a bunch of different performance metrics and dashboards to successfully monitor the feedback of each site – a situation which may seem impossible or entirely impractical.

But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. One solution is to integrate software that permits you to monitor social data from a single dashboard interface. With the right tools in place, management of social media channels becomes convenient and workable – allowing companies to gain important insight, pinpoint buying behaviors, augment customer service, increase retention, and more.

Let’s face it, time doesn’t grow on trees, and using a single dashboard to view results will aid in tracking your social portfolio for maximum results. Are you ready to take your social media strategy to the next level? Contact a member of our team for more information.


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