Getting the Best ROI From Your Social Media Tools

8052477_sIn today’s marketing world, it’s easy for businesses to indulge in social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all viable tools to market your site to not only get your message out but build brand awareness and increase customers. The problem is, no matter how many tweets, likes, and shares, you never really know how much revenue it’s all bringing in. You need to have a sure fire way to ensure followers talk about your company and do business with your company.

There are some important steps you can take to be productive with social media tools and get out from your ROI quandary. Start off by giving more than you receive. This lesson is two-fold because it not only earns respect and recommendations but makes you more human than corporation. It’s an easy way to position yourself as a thought leader. Focus on praising others including retweeting posts, recommending colleagues and sharing information from others in your field. Doing this will earn respect and recommendations.

To make money using social media tools you have to win over your customers. You can do this by establishing a personal relationship with them by losing the corporate tone. When interacting with consumers, take it down a notch and use an authentic voice. All of us have that ability to switch our tones, or as experts call it, “code-switching”.

Along with your tone, you should be thoughtful and engaging. The best of your social media tools is your attention to detail. You will get the most ROI from checking your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn consistently and invest time interacting with fellow professionals. Social media doesn’t take a vacation.

You need to understand that quality is just as important as quantity. Yes, it’s important to deliver fresh content on a regular basis but it should be meaningful content. Your input and comments should be more than just a retweet or like, it should be genuine feedback. Taking that extra second in your day to add to a conversation can be more beneficial than you know.

Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions can help you take your social media tools a step further. We can help you not only interact with your potential consumers but figure out who your target audience is.

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