Creative Blog Writing Tips For Better Headlines

blog picIn order to get the customer in the door, department stores design elaborate window displays. You have to give them something they want. It’s no different with your online content. Creative blog writing begins with offering that enticing headline for your readers.

So you’ve written an amazing article to post to your website but you can’t muster up a decent headline. Unfortunately, a majority of your target audience isn’t going to read your masterpiece. A poorly written headline can limit the number of clicks you get. Even if you’ve done your homework and used all the search engine optimization (SEO) tools in your belt it won’t work.

On the other hand, well written headlines can add significant value to your content. A recent social media today article highlights five steps to creative blog writing, starting with your headline.

It’s okay to mimic what others are doing well. Pick up a copy of the latest issue of any popular magazine. See those catchy headlines that make you want to flip to page 25. An experienced copywriter created those headlines so make some notes and try experimenting with your own creative blog writing formula for success.

Fear will make us do a lot of things. Put a little fear in your headline and people will read your content. For example, “Your Blog is Being Hacked” not only instills that initial fear of someone hijacking their blog posts but you appeal to their fear of not knowing it is happening to them. Using a little creative blog writing in your headlines and you have one foot in the door.

Don’t be afraid to assert yourself as an expert by highlighting common mistakes in your field. You might ask questions in your headlines like “Are You Ruining Your Twitter Reputation?” or “Common Mistakes When Businesses Use Social Media?” People always want to improve themselves and offering them information for something to avoid is sought after.

Two other creative blog writing tricks are enlisting the help of “How-To’s” and “Lists”. Both of these are simple but astronomically effective. They are simple but draw the reader in, especially if you can be specific. Don’t stop at “How to Write a Better Blog” or “10 Ways to Boost Your SEO”. You should try “How To Boost Sales With Your Blog” and “10 Ways SEO Can Generate Sales Leads”.

A good headline can be the framework you need for your content.  At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions we can help develop a creative blog writing solution that will get you more clicks and drive traffic to your site.

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