Four Steps Forward, No Steps Back: Facebook Marketing

facebook picNinety-two percent of consumers can’t be wrong, can they? Most consumers trust a personal recommendation from a friend over marketing advertisements. Think about the last new restaurant you tried, was it because of the ad that you saw of their food or your friend’s description of the atmosphere, the good customer service, and the excitement about how delicious their food was? Facebook marketing is a way to tap into what people’s friends are posting and liking in regards to your company

We have all heard someone say that Facebook marketing “doesn’t work.” Well, we’re here to tell you that it just isn’t true. It does work, but you need to frequently reevaluate and follow some basic steps during your Facebook marketing to ensure success.

  1. The EdgeRank Algorithm. This is Facebook’s fancy way of saying if you generate more likes and comments on your posts, you will stay at the top of someone’s newsfeed for longer. This premise makes a fair amount of sense, but truly understanding the “why” can help you produce more interaction on each post you make.

  2. Content, content, content. In retail, it’s all about the location. In communication, it comes back to content—every single time. If you’re saying something that’s interesting to your audience, they’re more likely to interact with you, which helps with step one as well.

  3. Paying for Posts. Yes, Facebook marketing is a great, free tool, but it can only do so much. Facebook has sponsored stories and promoted posts; and yes, there is a difference. Sponsored stories are there to encourage others to take the same action their friends did, such as liking a company’s page. Promoted posts, on the other hand, are meant for friends and fans and will be shown in the newsfeed, rather than the sidebar. Using these tools can take your Facebook marketing to the next level.

  4. 1, 2, 3, Testing! In order to truly connect with your audience, you need to make sure to understand what kinds of posts will impact them the most. Your options are broad—text, photos, polls, videos, links. You might have to try a couple of options and variations before you figure out how to build relationships with your followers.

Bringing together knowledge of EdgeRank, great content, promoted posts and sponsored stories, and testing your audience will get you results in your Facebook marketing efforts. Soon the friends of friends will be seeking your Facebook wanting to know more about you. It’s important to evaluate where you are, where you want to go, and how you can get there. Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions can help you do just that.

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