Four Pitfalls of Online Marketing

15845986_sAs a small business in today’s cyber world, to ignore available Internet tools and resources would be to limit your company’s full growth potential. Whether you’re advertising online, leveraging social networks to build relationships with your target audience, or gauging virtual feedback of your brand, there are plenty of reasons why it’s important to “nail it” when it comes to online marketing.

In a recent article from Small Business Trends common pitfalls are discussed that small businesses want to avoid when constructing their online marketing presence.

  1. Not utilizing Google Places for businesses. If you aren’t already, take advantage of this important designation, which can help boost organic search rankings. Laying stake to your free Google Place Page will make your brand more visible for customers searching both at home and on the go. It will also give you greater control over information posted to your business’s listing.

  2. Ignoring your online reputation. Not paying attention to what customers are saying about you online could be harmful to your business. Take the time to monitor and address feedback, which will help you spot problems before they snowball out of control. Also, encourage happy customers to share their good experiences with others to help build positive momentum.

  3. Making online marketing efforts too broad. In other words, if you forget about your local bread and butter, you’re in trouble. Remember that an advantage of being a small business is the ability to appeal to the hometown crowd. Targeting locally will ensure a greater ROI and will help you effectively identify those who are already likely to seek your products or services.

  4. Discounting the power of customer service. Did you know that you can do everything right, but one poor customer experience can undermine the reputation you’ve worked so hard for? With the popularity of social networks, word of mouth spreads like wildfire. However, with great customer service, a bad experience doesn’t have to damage the relationship and can often be turned into something positive.

Successful management of online marketing efforts is critical but takes time. Let SJC partner with you to create lasting and meaningful customer relationships that will pave the way for future growth for years to come.

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