How to Plan Your Content Strategy

17250211_sA successful content strategy, simply put, is one that involves more content and content that is quality. Even if you have a million topics running through your head, don’t jump the gun. It is important to have a plan. A content strategy that takes advantage of calendars, launch dates and other initiatives that you and your team can follow through on is important for success.

Once you have a single content strategy in place, execute it. If there are several ideas running around with no clear objective, it won’t work. Content that is well organized with website URLs is great for your marketing plan. A recent social media post highlighted how you can take that up a notch and incorporate those key words into a series of blogs, segments and anything else that resonates with your readers. Every piece you write should flow with previous topics, even linking back to those other posts.

Don’t be afraid to delegate and take advantage of freelancers. Content assignments can be outsourced to provide time to develop regular goals for your website’s URL, reaching your target audience, and separating yourself from the competition.

Feedback can be an integral part of your business operations. Take advantage of live focus groups that collect real emotion to develop an online demographic to push your products and services. This means giving subjects the ability to express their honest feelings. If you act fast, this information could no doubt have the ammunition you need to move forward with incentives for a content strategy.

The year is half over and you are already searching for that next milestone or campaign. If you are looking to deliver more compelling content or spruce up your website URL, let the experts at SJC create a content strategy to prepare you for 2014.

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