Monday Morning Coffee With Jen Herron

Jen Herron 1Jen Herron is the newest member of the Susan J Campbell team. She has come aboard to assist in as many aspects of the company that she can. A wannabe multi-tasker, Jen brings her dream of being a writer, copywriter and marketing expert to the table at SJC.

Jen began her career with words at 10, when she wrote “Footprints” a self-illustrated short story about a boy named Joe who got lost in the city but found his way back home by following his own footsteps in the snow. Getting bit by the writing bug at a young age only made her yearning to be an author grow, especially when a poem she wrote at 13 was published in one of her favorite collection of short stories: Chicken Soup for the Teenaged Soul IV.

Writing and editing for her high school yearbook, copywriting for the Daily Nebraskan newspaper while attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and getting her first reporter job at the Atchison County Mail newspaper helped Jen sculpt many talents in reporting and advertising. She honed her marketing skills as Marketing/Communications Coordinator for a nonprofit hospital before finding a home at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions.

“Writing has always been food for my soul. I am so happy to find a job where I can use my passion and build a career at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions doing what I love to do,” Jen says.

One of Jen’s favorite aspects of her career is the many avenues that marketing and public relations offer businesses.

“Marketing is the best of many worlds. First, you help create exciting and informative content, then you get to spread the word about something you’re passionate about. I love to write, but not nearly as much as I love to talk, so in marketing, I get to do a lot of both and that’s something I can get excited about!” Jen explains.

In her spare time, Jen loves writing on her personal lifestyle blog where she reviews books and shares funny stories about her two talkative, precocious kids.

A word from Susan:

At SJC, we had reached a point where it was time to build onto our team. We couldn’t market in our local community due to our current workload and we knew there were opportunities we were missing. Without another writer with a marketing background, however, we weren’t going to try and expand our territory. When Jen’s resume came to my attention, I knew we had access to a gem.

Now a strong part of our team, Jen is ready and willing to learn anything we send her way. She’s also contributing to a number of projects with her own insight. I can’t wait to see what she can get done when we set her loose. I know she’ll be an asset to our clients, which will help us create a successful 2014.

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