Businesses Put Their Marketing Into the Hands of Customers With User Generated Content

Social media users are constantly in tune with what others are doing. Today social media is a great tool for consumers to see what others are buying, recommending and raving about. Businesses are tapping into that by letting those social media consumers do some of the work for them by encouraging user generated content for their brand.

User generated content allows businesses to tap into useful demographics. Sites like Instagram are heavily used by teens and twenty somethings, which is a great demographic for businesses to tap into. Not only are they influential when they share their purchases or tastes with their friends, but they are also just starting to develop their own buying habits. By learning about how they find and purchase items at a younger age, businesses have a better chance at making a long term buying relationship.

Everyone loves their 15 minutes of fame, so don’t be afraid to offer a little star power. If it works for your bottom line, consider holding a contest on social media that encourages consumer interaction.

Disney 1Disney let their followers be the star when they created a contest to promote their new account on Vine, a social media site where users upload 15-second videos. The maker of the video that best showed off their “Disney side” won a trip to a the happiest place on earth and Disney reaped the benefits of thousands of Vine videos being posted all over the nation with their name attached to it.

There are many ways businesses can reach their target audience and let their consumers do the talking for them. Let the professionals at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions give your business the social media management tools you need to reach your goals.

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