Marketing Strategy Lessons From an Unlikely Source

You use this every day, probably twice a day. If you’re a rule-follower and very meticulous, you might even use this three times a day. Have you guessed what it is yet?

Toothbrush 1It is a toothbrush – and you can learn quite a bit from this amazing and simple tool. According to Robert Faletti, there are three things you can learn about marketing from the toothbrush.

1. Perception of the Product:
How many times do you actually make a decision based on the new technology Colgate or Crest created for their latest toothbrush? Probably not very often. We make our decisions on how they market the latest bristle setup (or even based on the pretty colors, right?).

You can do the same within your own marketing. Perhaps you have made a few minor adjustments to your product or service, maybe you added three new people to your staff in a year, or even won an exciting award, talk about it in a way that speaks highly of your brand. Use your exciting news to reinforce loyalty and the value you offer your clients. Creating a solid marketing strategy can help get this message out.

Target Market:
Did you know that marketing surrounding the toothbrush began in the early 1900s and soared to new heights around World War II? During this time they were targeting wealthy women. Today the target market hits nearly every single person in every single demographic.

Can you expand your target markets? Maybe you missed a section of the population the first time; maybe with the new perception of your product or service, you have new target markets.

3. Use All Channels:
Toothbrushes can be found several different places: dentist office, local drug store, and even online. They are marketing on the Internet (via social media, even), TV, radio, and print ads. Are you making every effort to get your product or service into the hands of the consumers? You should be.

Think outside the box. Be creative. There might be an option you haven’t thought of yet. Marketing strategies are one of the best places to start when considering these three lessons. While toothbrushes are pretty amazing, they can’t create a marketing strategy quite like the team at SJC can. Contact us today and find out how we can put these lessons to good use for you!

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