Mobile Marketing Has a Solid Position in Every Marketing Strategy

What does every marketing campaign include these days? A focus on social media. How do most people access their social media? Through their mobile devices, which means mobile marketing is here to stay.

The rate of mobile phone and smartphone adoption is staggering – some 56 percent of American adults have smartphones while 91 percent are carrying mobile phones, according to Pew Research. Even on the basic mobile phone, consumers are in reach of marketers using SMS. According to a Mobile Marketing Watch, mobile marketing via social media channels will grow even more in 2014.

Sure, there are still some skeptics out there who don’t believe mobile marketing efforts belong in the social media space. However, skeptics need to consider that whenever their Facebook page gets 1,000 “likes,” they are probably averaging around 1,400 views a day. Around half of these views are coming from a mobile device.

Many mobile marketing strategists believe that investing six hours a week on social media is what it takes to begin seeing positive outcomes. Facebook isn’t the only social media that consumers are using on their mobile devices – Twitter, Instagram, and Vine are quite popular, and the up and coming Google+ is gaining ground. About half of the consumers with experience using social media have signed up for a Google+ account.

8436334_mPinterest is also another channel that deserves some thought. It’s currently the fastest growing social media channel, which is something mobile marketing strategists need to include if they want to connect with the growing Pinterest crowd.

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