Pinterest is a Powerful Marketing Platform

Pinterest is a unique spot on the social media spectrum. The site currently attracts 48.7 million users worldwide, most of them female. Used correctly, the site offers
marketing advantages to companies looking to promote to female buyers. With the addition of a new advertising platform, Pinterest is even more appealing to companies with the female shopper in view.

Pinterest 5Unlike most of social media, Pinterest is an image-based site. And while other social platforms do incorporate pictures and images, most of them are relationship-driven rather than product-driven. Pictures of friends and family members do not hold the
same advertising value as pins that focus almost solely on products. Pinterest users enjoy sharing product images and brand specifics.

The site launched a new platform called Promoted Pins just last month and the pinboard will make it even easier for Pinterest users to connect with brands. Brand
recognition and promotion are part of the Pinterest culture making it uniquely well-suited to product marketing. Viewers on Pinterest have been shown to be more likely to make high-value purchases on e-commerce sites, but the shops on Main Street also reap the benefits. The 2013 Holiday season will be a proving ground for the new
advertising format on Pinterest and many companies are lining up to cash in on the opportunity.

In case you’re still unconvinced about Pinterest’s marketing value consider the Georgia Tech study (2012) which found that the site is full of words like “need”, “want” and “look” – all powerful sales drivers. Consider too, that 84 percent of those active on Pinterest are women. And the women who are active on Pinterest tend to be better educated, higher earning females. This makes the site particularly suited to companies wanting to connect with female shoppers.

Pinterest is the online version of a window display seen by literally millions of female shoppers. If you are wondering whether Pinterest is a channel that ould benefit your brand, talk with the social marketing experts at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions. They can put together a marketing strategy that will connect your brand with customers in fresh and interesting ways.

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