How do I Start a Conversation on a Social Media Platform?

Social media platforms are supposed to stir up social interaction, right? It doesn’t always look like that though. A lot of brands choose to use social media to send out messages rather than to be social with loyal and potential customers. You can definitely choose to just publish the great content and wait for your audience to provide the opportunity for quality engagement. However, there are several different ways that you can take a more proactive approach.

1. Leave Comments: There isn’t a single reason why you can’t get involved in conversations. Find out where your audience is spending their time and begin making contributions.

2. Answer Questions: With hashtags and other search functions, it is easy to 13276610_sfind different conversations on social media platforms. Take some time to help people by answering any questions that concern your industry.

3. Ask a Question: Give your audience something they can contribute to. Create questions that aren’t too difficult to answer.

4. Create Conversation-Content: Conversations that happen organically on social media platforms depend on what is trending and recent events. If it is relevant to your industry or brand, consider creating content that will lead individuals to add to what is already going on.

5. Learn, optimize on lessons, and be persistent: Try different techniques, be adventurous, and learn something from each interaction. Don’t give up quickly; social media takes time and patience to succeed.

These days it is especially important to actually be social on social media platforms. Susan J. Campbell is always following these steps when it comes to our clients, especially number five. If you want to make sure you are engaging in conversations that are relevant to your industry, contact us today.

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