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Creating Content That is Memorable

Thanks to news articles infiltrating our social media feeds and vise versa, these days it is difficult to decide what content is important and what content is irrelevant. For businesses who are trying to reach their target audience online, it … Continue reading

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How do I Start a Conversation on a Social Media Platform?

Social media platforms are supposed to stir up social interaction, right? It doesn’t always look like that though. A lot of brands choose to use social media to send out messages rather than to be social with loyal and potential … Continue reading

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Engaging Your Customers

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Social Media Begins (and Ends) With Engaging Customers

Often we all get a little caught up in the idea that social media is going to bring us more revenue. However, it is key to remember that social media is all about building relationships, which will in turn bring … Continue reading

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Customer Service and Social Media

Does being on and engaged in a social media platform mean a company has great customer service? The answer is a bit complicated, but easier to understand when we pull it apart. Social media can provide a number of solutions … Continue reading

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Does Your Customer Engagement Start With Your Employees?

In a digital world, customer engagement is less likely to occur in person for the business-to-business market place. Those customers are turning to digital sources like social communities, mobile apps, the web, and their peers. Nearly 70 percent of buying … Continue reading

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Loyalty Begins When You Engage Customers

Our lives are made easier by common business practices that include automation, but at what cost? At the end of the day, customers still prefer human interaction. A recent article highlights what companies are doing wrong to engage customers and … Continue reading

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