Why Business Owners Need to Know the Importance of Blogging

These days, when it comes to websites, the possibilities are endless. There is so much more than just having a place to list your business’s contact information and post a couple of pictures of your product. Business owners need to know of the importance of blogging. Adding a blog to your website enables you to gain authority in the industry, push your website to the top of search engine results and tell a story about your business that your consumer will never forget.

The importance of blogging is clear, according to a recent study about blogging.8815044_m Blogging increased customer bases 70 percent for businesses who blogged regularly. But how can weekly articles that are just 350 words long help establish you as experts in your field?

First, make sure you know the goal of your blog. If it is to establish yourself as an expert, write posts that are rich with news, trends, advice and updates in your field. Other goals to consider are to gain visibility, generate leads or build a community. All of these are a great focus for your blog.

The second step in creating a successful blog is to identify a unique niche for your company. It is important to find something unique that is not yet being covered, or at least something that has your own personal touch. For example, if you find there are not many blogs in your area of expertise that focus on the customer experience that may be a new viewpoint to offer your consumer.

Lastly, create a professional blog and plan posts ahead of time. Research shows that blog readers respond best to  quick, content rich reads and are not apt to read posts over 350 to 450 words. The possibilities of what to write about on your blog are only limited to your imagination. The ultimate goal of your blog is to share information that is useful and valuable to your target consumer. It needs to be interesting and timely enough that your audience will visit over and over.

Did you know that Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions provides businesses and nonprofits will content rich blogs that are researched and specifically written to uniquely reach target audiences? Contact us today to learn more about how we can get a blog strategy in place for your business.

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