Creating Content That is Memorable

Thanks to news articles infiltrating our social media feeds and vise versa, these days it is difficult to decide what content is important and what content is irrelevant. For businesses who are trying to reach their target audience online, it can be a struggle to stand out among the clutter and constant information that is being fed to the masses.

Yes, there are hundreds of vehicles in which to reach your consumers, but today, that is just not enough. How can you not only connect with your consumers, but Content Creation 2also do it in such a meaningful way that they actually remember?

The key is just that, being memorable. Think less Comedy Central and more Hallmark. Emotional and sentimental messages are what make your consumers act and share.

Creating content that is meaningful to your consumers may seem like a daunting task, but putting yourself in their shoes may help. Here are some tips to consider when you set out to reach your customers in a meaningful way:

1.      Make a connection.
Allow your consumers to use your message to connect with others. Create content that is relatable to their lives and how your product or mission can fit into their everyday lives.

2.      Make it original.
Don’t follow the crowd. Give your target audience something new to consider, whether it is using your product in ways they likely haven’t considered or sharing a “behind the scenes” story about your company.

3.      Make it engaging.
Creating content that is meaningful causes your viewers to interact with your company. They see it, reflect on how it makes them feel and then act on those feelings by sharing the information with others or completing the call to action you provide. The purpose of creating content is to interact with your target audience, so choose something that elicits action.

Your content online is a branch of your business, so make it count. The professionals at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions can assist you in marketing your brand with social media management and content rich blogs and websites. Contact us today to learn more ways we can help.


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3 Responses to Creating Content That is Memorable

  1. I feel your captured the essence of a good blog here! People want interesting, relevant information, which they can digest quickly!

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