How to Tell Your Brand Story: Lego Shows Us How

I remember growing up with several different Lego sets, ranging from a medievalBranding Strategies 5 castle to modern day sets. I could build elaborate homes for my modern characters or go back in time and have to save the princess in the castle. Lego may have given suggestions for how to build certain things, but I always felt the freedom to create whatever story I wanted to play that day. I am very honored to pass along those ideas to my niece and nephew as we create new Lego stories together.

How has Lego inspired a brand story that was able to get its own movie? That is the power of storytelling. Here are some tips for how to build your own amazing brand story:

1. Ideas Inspire
We all know that it isn’t the product that truly inspires us. Lego’s, at first glance, are little plastic pieces that cause an enormous amount of pain when accidently stepped on. However, the imagination of a five year old little girl and a three year old little boy (and okay, a 23 year old woman) is what brings Lego to life. And this is what makes a movie possible.

2. Who is Buying and Why
What motivates your customers? For Lego, it is all about inspiring people to use their imaginations to build new creations and stories. Why are people engaged with your brand? Find that out and then build a story that will reflect that.

3. Play to the Brand’s Strengths
Think Nike. They have so many sports men and women wearing and promoting their brand. What does this make you think? “If I wear those Nike shoes, I’ll be able to run that half-marathon…”  Think about your own brand and how you might be able to use these types of messages.

Emotion and Nostalgia
Lego has spanned many generations and will continue to do so. This is part of why the Lego move has been such a success. They, not only hit the eight-year old boy, but also the 20-something college student who remembers playing Lego’s, and grabbed the Gen Y and Baby Boomers because they’re playing with grandchildren again.

Needless to say, Lego has done a great job at creating an outstanding brand story. They have a movie, which is essentially a 100 minute long advertisement! Susan J. Campbell can’t guarantee a movie on the big screens for you, but we can definitely create an amazing brand story. Contact us today!

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    This really nails what you must think about when considering what your brand means to people.

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    This really captures why the essence of getting your brand to tell a story

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