How the New Facebook Algorithm is Effecting the Marketing Strategy

FacebookFacebook changes their algorithm more times than a teenage girl changes clothes for picture day. However, this last change in December was a complete makeover. How has it impacted how we put together a social media marketing strategy?

Back in the day, creating a Facebook page, posting on a regular basis, and connecting with your followers was the simple, quick, and efficient way to integrate social media into your marketing strategy. Now, to get the same great exposure, you need both eye-catching and engaging content, of course. Additionally you need to keep up with the changes Facebook makes, dial into the different strategies you might need to use to grow your audience, and you might need to invest in some paid advertising.

Facebook wants to see more posts with links and photos, less posts that are only text and links. Visually engaging posts have always performed better than non-visual content. Now, Facebook has decided that they should limit the exposure of simple text updates from business pages. Here are some simple ways to ensure you have great visual posts, without all the cost that is usually associated with photos:

  1. Create a DropBox folder where employees can contribute relevant photos.
    Offer a gift card to the person who contributes the most photos in a month. Check out Starbucks. They do a great job of posting photos. And, we would be willing to bet our gift card that employees take them.
  2. Ask your customers to share photos.
    Really what better way to obtain some awesome photos and get your customers involved in the culture you’re creating. Prompt them with some unique rewards.
  3. Use office hours and events.
    This will humanize your brand (awesome!) and it is a super easy way to get photos quickly.
  4. Find alternative ways to drive your visitors.
    Sometimes the answer isn’t Facebook and learning to play the game according to their new (and ever-changing) rules. Perhaps your marketing strategy should include other social media platforms and different ways to leverage them. You could always use a contest to get some excitement on your page.

It is always a challenge to keep up with social media and ensure that your marketing strategy is going to move mountains for your company. Susan J. Campbell is always up for it, because that is part of what we love so much about marketing. Contact us today and we will discover the best way to incorporate social media into your marketing strategy!

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