10 Tips for Social Media Etiquette

Social Media can be an important part of your marketing mix, but sometimes when we get behind a computer we forget that there is still a code of etiquette to abide by. There are certainly unspoken rules that need to be considered so that we don’t end up inserting our virtual foot into our mouths. Proper etiquette will also help you maintain respect from fans, potential followers, and others in your industry. Here are 10 tips to help you mind your online manners:

  1. Don’t Be Wordy. Because you don’t have much time to capture your audience’s attention, it’s important to get to the point. If you don’t, people will start to tune out.
  2. Use Pictures for Interest. While content is king, having a site that is visually appealing can help peak interest and create a good first impression. Attention-grabbing photos are also more likely to be shared.
  3. Provide Continuous Updates. Fresh content is important to keep viewers continually coming back for more. Updates should occur throughout the day to promote visibility and ensure your brand stays cemented in the minds of followers.
  4. Stop Selling. Selling has to take a back seat on social media. It’s more about forming relationships and establishing yourself as source of credible, meaningful information. After forging relationships, customers will more likely trust and seek your brand.
  5. Respect Others Content. Claiming someone else’s content as your own is never a good idea – including personal blogs or user commentary. It reduces your credibility and can result in a battle if the original owner recognizes it.
  6. Plug Others Besides Yourself. Don’t feel the need to solely promote yourself. By uplifting others, you gain respect from fans. Mix it up a bit, and you’re likely to leave a lasting impression.
  7. Be Cordial to Competitors. There’s no need to shun the competition. They should feel free to follow you and vice versa. Tearing them down only serves to make you look bad.
  8. Be Quick to Respond to Feedback. When customers or visitors pop in and post comments to your site or take time out to send you a message, it’s important to acknowledge and respond promptly. It reiterates that their input is both valued and important.
  9. Address Negative Commentary. Don’t avoid negative feedback. Approaching it head-on in a courteous manner will do more to solidify your brand than ignoring it.
  10. Seize the Opportunity. When used properly, social media is a great way to connect with others and expand your circle of influence. Put your best foot forward and remember that every moment is chance to further your brand.

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