8 Tips for Powerful Press Release Writing

In the world of online marketing, thousands of articles are written on a daily basis, providing you with everything you need to know about social media. Why? So many companies and individual professionals are searching the web for information on how they can gain top ranking among their competitors when customers are searching for information. SJC does the same – clients are needed if you want to stay in business. The problem with focusing solely on social media is that it ignores other powerful tools that can get you noticed, like press release writing.

Traditionally, press release writing was the primary focus when trying to get the local or national press to pay attention to your product or brand and write something about it. Today, press release writing is used for much of the same, only you don’t have to wait for something press-worthy to write about. While you do want it to be something interesting enough to entice readers, it doesn’t have to be earth-shattering to drive traffic to your site, earn you valid links and even catch the attention of a few customers.

Here, borrowing from Twitter post ideas, let’s explore some things worthy of press release writing:

  • New Brand Announcements – of course this is a given, but any changes to your brand are worthy of a press release to drive traffic online and even get media attention.
  • New Hires – if you’ve added a quality individual to your team in the past few months, press release writing is the perfect place to celebrate their place on your team.
  • Events – from the Open House to the industry trade show, press release writing can cover them all.
  • New Partnerships – anytime you create a new partnership with a vendor or customer, this is newsworthy.
  • Unexpected Developments – anything that will change the way you do business, the way your consumers view your product or brand or change the industry, this is certainly worth coverage in your press release writing.
  • Sales Announcements – don’t just post it on your website and through your social media platforms; make a big statement with your sales so your customers know about it.
  • Employee Recognitions – if someone on your team has done something great, demonstrate your appreciation, while enjoying the publicity for your brand.
  • Website Changes – did you add a new page or a widget that will improve the customer’s experience? Use press release writing to get the word out.

These are just a few of the things you could use in your press release writing to get the attention – and online traffic – you need to generate new leads and convert more viewers into buyers. If you’re not sure where to start or how to put together a press release, we’re here to help. Contact Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions and we’ll write that press release for you.

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