Social Media Success Stories – Why Your Competitors are Getting Noticed

Like it or not, social media is the way of the future for this generation of couch potato customers.  We conduct polls on Facebook to help us decide which cell phone to purchase – iPhone or Droid?  We visit a new restaurant because our friend tweeted that the BBQ joint downtown has excellent ribs.  And, we tell everyone we know that the cute idea for our themed birthday party treats came from Pinterest.  Why are some sites more effective at leveraging social media than others?  The answer may lie in these tips for social media success stories.
Tip #1 –Successful companies are using programs like Web Intent, an interactive Twitter application that allows followers to respond to tweets in real-time without ever leaving the site or having to open a separate window.  Basically programs like this encourage online dialogue and make it easy for site guests to show their affiliation to the site.

Tip #2 – We all know that doing the same thing will not yield different results.  Most social media success stories begin with a novel approach.  Getting yourself seen in the social media scene requires some creativity.  Sharing free tips and expertise on platforms like Facebook or Twitter may cost some time initially but it’s worth the effort.  It’s like offering free food samples at Costco – it creates a buzz, draws a crowd and the next time your follower needs a service like yours, they’re likely to remember your free sample.

Tip #3 – Those companies with social media success stories to tell understand the importance of leveraging current followers to promote the site via word of mouth.  Whether it’s creating some sort of contest or extending special offers to your loyal visitors, engagement is what keeps them coming back for more.  And, customer testimonials are some of the strongest, most valuable marketing resources available.

Tip #4 – Having a clear, consistent message across all marketing channels is integral for all social media success stories.  And, once your message is out there, don’t forget to ask your fans to Like your page and share with their friends – it’s like asking for a referral after the sale.

We at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions have experience with implementing marketing strategies that work.  If you need help standing out from the crowd, getting your message heard, and creating your own social media success stories, contact us today.

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