ABC’s of Writing a Press Release

Writing a press release that quickly captures attention does not have to be a complicated process, but it is an essential one. Every business should be generating good PR, and a press release is a great way to inform potential customers of new projects, upcoming events, addition of key staff, and general success.

First, you need an attention grabbing headline. The headline should be brief but able to draw your audience in, like the title of a good book. It should give a quick synapsis of the content in just a few words. And, it should be interesting so readers want to know more, such as, “New business seeks entrance into popular North Shoppes.”

The headline, like that of a newspaper, should be in larger font and is bolded so it stands out. The first word is capitalized, but the rest is lower case, except for proper nouns. Words that don’t add value, such as “a” and “the” should be omitted. Also, using keywords in the headline will help drive search engine optimization and will allow readers to quickly grasp the main idea.

Second, is the composition of the body. Lead with the date and city where the release originates. Like the headline, the first sentence should draw readers in with relevant news and the following couple sentences will expound on that news. The body should be concise and devoid of “fluff.” The first paragraph provides a summary of the piece, and the rest of the material presents the details. This ensures that journalists will get the gist, even if they only read the first paragraph.

The body should stick to the facts. It should include who, what, when, where, why, and how. Consider what makes the piece newsworthy and capitalize on that, and don’t forget to relay your company as the source of the news. The length of the piece should not go beyond three pages, and should be doubled-spaced if printing.

Next, include a brief write-up of your company. It should be entitled with your company name and utilize a paragraph or so to relate what your business does and its operating philosophy. Be sure to include a link to your website!

Finally, attach supporting detail. Any links related to information that strengthen your press-release are appropriate.  If you need help writing a great press-release, give us a call at (816) 617-3085. We’d be happy to help.

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