Is Your Content Worth Reading?

No matter how much time you spend searching for the perfect tools for your website, your content has to be “shareworthy” before any of it matters. Content marketing providers can help you ensure that your blogs are worthy of reading before you take the time to search for the share buttons, tracking tools and more.

Content marketing providers will focus on a few key questions when helping you decide what your content should say about your company. Some of those key questions are:

  1. Why should I be reading your content?
  2. Why should I believe what I am reading?
  3. How will your content help me grow my business?
  4. Will your content add value to my life/business?
  5. Why should I like, pin, Google +1 or retweet your content?
  6. How is your content any different from the millions of other blog posts?

These six questions are just a few that will help you decide how to run your website. Although it may be interesting to read about all of your latest accomplishments in the business world, the bottom line still remains that if it doesn’t benefit me or my company I probably won’t take the time to read it.

One way that content marketing providers help to ensure the quality of your website is to make sure your readers stay engaged in what they are reading. Your website information must be relevant to today and valuable to the reader. A few key phrases may help you understand what a content marketing provider can do to help you.

  • Higher quality
  • Relevance
  • Value
  • Taking action
  • Retaining readers
  • Attract new readers
  • Show attention to detail
  • Acquire new audiences
  • Engage readers
  • Show regular action on the website
  • Give loyalty to your company brand
  • Make your website a profitable one

Your entire website content, blog, tweet, Facebook post, etc. must show detail to each of these phrases if you want to attract an audience. Make sure things are entertaining and fun but also make sure they are all of the above listed phrases as well. If any of the items above are something you’d like to work on, but need a little help, contact Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions and we will put you on the right track.

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