Video Marketing: Lights, Camera and Serious Content Marketing Action

Many organizations see video marketing as a “maybe later” or a second-cousin enhancement to their content marketing written pieces and website elements – but video marketing is quickly gaining ground as a top way to attract targeted audiences and boost site traffic and response.

The rise of video marketing has no doubt been linked to smartphones, where video is created and distributed in mere seconds. Most organizations that video market use YouTube as their video platform, adding the specific tags and categories that give their video high search ranking.

Tablet technology has also increased video’s accessibility and popularity, but what do actual businesses say about video marketing once they’ve tried it in their own organizations? Here’s a summary from a recent Brainshark article:

– Video marketing gives users a lot of great information in a very short, intense time period
– Using video marketing within a specific strategy created for it allows you to know if you’ve hit on the most important topics and messages you need to share with your audience
– The video brochure or video message can have more staying power toward site traffic than other types of content marketing, and can keep driving traffic over and over again
– You can use video marketing to draw people in to any existing element on your website, such as a new blog post or something that’s happening across your social media.
– Your current social media strategies have the power to effectively boost your video marketing efforts, and you have the potential for incredibly wide-spread coverage of your video elements using social media with very little cost.

Certainly the low cost of video marketing is another reason it’s a top content marketing tool for many businesses and non-profits. The low-key popularity of YouTube has helped open this door even further, with viewers responding to low-cost video that doesn’t require a whole day to set up lighting and a long list of snacks for the video crew. It also adds a more whole-picture element to your overall content marketing strategies, giving your audience the message that you’re integrating multimedia content in every format they want.

Video marketing isn’t a bells-and-whistles feature anymore for your content marketing strategy. It’s as tangible and important as fresh content, well-written blogs and strategic social media posts. It draws in your audience like no other tool and at a low-cost – so what’s next for your organization? Try lights, camera, action. And start seeing some serious content marketing action.

If you need help creating a strategy that integrates video into your overall content marketing agenda, we’re here to help. For more information, contact Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions today.

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