A Cup of Coffee With Tony

This Monday we are wrapping  up the current version  of  our Monday morning Coffee Talk spotlights.  We hope you have enjoyed meeting the members of the creative team that makes SJC unique as much as we have. We hope you stay tuned for what we have in store next week! Now we would like you to pour yourself something hot to drink, sit for a minute and meet the SJC Designer – Tony Barmann.

A native of St. Joseph, Missouri, Tony graduated from Missouri Western State University with a BS in Commercial Art, with an emphasis in graphic design and illustration. He served as the Art Director for Penton Media until 2010 and currently puts in time with the Kansas City Life Insurance Company as a graphic designer.

A passion for non-profits, authors and Christian ministries, Barmann’s work has emerged throughout Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas, promoting brands for those focused on the advancement of the greater good.

On a personal level, Tony reports that he enjoys the sound of his kids laughing and wrestling with his boys. He also enjoys the challenge of figuring out his wife and learning more about her. He prefers the simple life, but also enjoys the occasional uproars, which make him appreciate the simple things: fishing, building things and expanding his faith (not in that order).

Susan’s Take on Tony –

Many in our industry may be surprised at the talent that can come out of the hills of Northwest Missouri, but we found an amazing designer in Tony. He brings a level of artistic professionalism to our brand that makes us stand out from the competition.

When brainstorming with clients and amongst our team, our job is to then take those ideas to Tony so he can turn them into a visual asset. When presented with his art combined with our content, customers often respond, “Wow, it’s better than I pictured.”

As we continue to work with clients to develop their marketing concepts and branding initiatives, Tony is playing a key role in designing logos, creating the right look for a Web page, manipulating photographs to produce the perfect ad, laying out an annual report that jumps off the page, and so much more. If we develop a concept – Tony will make it pop.

For now, Tony works with us on a part-time basis, helping us to create powerful solutions for a growing customer base. As we continue on this exciting path of growth, we hope to keep Tony so busy; he’ll have to call SJC his permanent home.

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