You Have a Website – Should Your Refresh Your Online Look?

If you compete in the market today, chances are you already have a website. If that website was launched in the last 12 months, you can stop reading this post and save it to read in another 2-5 years. The focus of our blog today is whether or not your website needs a few tweaks, a facelift or a complete overhaul. After all, summer is here – should you refresh your online look?

In the process of developing what we wanted to share with our readers, I did a bit of searching and came across a great post by the RT Design Group out of Florida. This company appears to be a wealth of information and experience when it comes to Web design. One of their most important tips to any strategy to refresh your online look – which we completely agree with – is that such an update shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Any changes to your website can affect your readership, as well as your brand. The changes you make to the look and feel of your website should enhance the experience for your current customers, while doing more to attract those who have yet to partner with you. If your site has something of value to offer the base, it’s time to get the word out. That starts with a new and improved look.

To know just how new and improved your site needs to be, consider these RT Design tips:

  • Update your site when new technology is available that can support your stated goals or the user’s experience. This includes the move to a CMS (content management system), integrating your social media platforms, or creating an interactive experience.
  • Launch a new site when something changes with your brand. Perhaps you’ve gone through a name change, a new owner has entered the picture or you’ve expanded into a new market.
  • Implement a whole new strategy to refresh your online look if the current site is old, outdated or too basic to really satisfy the needs of the market and enable effective competition.

Perhaps the most important element when deciding if you should refresh your online look is to understand how it will impact your brand. There’s a reason why you have an online presence and if your current initiatives do not support your market strategy, it’s time to make a change.

If you need help in determining whether it’s time to make some changes to your online presence, we can help. At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, our focus is to work directly with our clients to understand their needs and develop solutions that drive results. To learn more, contact us today.

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