Leveraging Content Can Aid Sales Efforts

We’ve all heard the expression that content is king. Good content marketing can serve several functions.  Certainly it helps with search engine optimization and aids sites in attracting attention. It can also be useful in improving social networking efforts. An often overlooked role of content marketing, however, is how it translates to sales.

The purpose of driving continuous and fresh content to a site is really about building a relationship with followers. And when you build a relationship, a certain amount of trust develops. It’s similar to a dance in that it is a two-way exchange. Putting out information that is relevant and interesting for potential customers intrigues them into taking one step closer.

These days, though, it is difficult to gather customer information. With so many spammers out there, people are protective of what information they give out and to whom. Developing rapport with your followers helps them let their guard down and share more information. Just as in a real dialogue, we tend to divulge more about ourselves when we feel more at ease.

This information can help with sales because it allows for a customized, customer-centered approach. While it’s normal to try and get the most information as possible right off the bat, a smarter approach may be to use a marketing plan that lets the customer take the lead and engage when they feel most comfortable.

By structuring content to reach potential customers early in the buying cycle, you have a better shot of gaining their attention. Qualified leads can then be delivered to the sales team. When customers are information shopping, for instance, it’s your sales team’s job to demonstrate how your product or service can help meet a need. Creating great content can help attract followers with certain aims that your sales team is able to fulfill, essentially bringing warm sales leads directly to you.

Developing quality content is what we do at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions. Let our experienced staff show you how utilize content marketing to gain sales and maximize your return on investment.

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