Monday Morning Coffee with CAP St. Joseph

Social media has long been a powerful tool in the marketing strategy – when you consider long in terms of technology. While five years ago most of us really didn’t have any idea what Facebook was and Pinterest didn’t even exist, the race to promote your business more effectively than the competition is heating up.

In Northwest Missouri, one non-profit organization is making waves in the social media realm. Community Action Partnership, also known as CAP, has little funds to expend on any type of marketing activity. What it does have, however, is a creative mind in the way of Melissa Chesnut.

As the Director of Development and Marketing for CAP (a position once held by our very own Rachel McCoy), Melissa has embraced the opportunities that exist in using social media to spread the word, engage in conversations and share relevant content. In fact, at a recent Pinterest Marketing Lunch and Learn we hosted at the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce, Melissa shared her insight and we all learned a few “tips from the field”.

When asked about her take on social media, Melissa said, “Social media has allowed CAP St. Joe to reach to community leaders and potential volunteers and donors by engaging them in conversations about our programs and news, sharing data on poverty in the area and best practices when looking for quality nonprofits to invest in.”

“We have seen a significant increase over the last year of people commenting, asking questions and sharing our news on their social mediums. It’s a very effective, low-cost tool to give the community a sense of a connection to CAP St. Joe and its individuals and families helped by the agency,” Melissa added.

An increase in commitment and volunteerism is something that can help the organization’s Breakfast Club initiative. Since its inception more than two years ago, the Breakfast Club has served as an opportunity to bring community leaders and Head Start children together.

For just one hour, a community leader (which is really any professional willing to take the time) is given a tour of the Head Start center, is invited to sit down with the children and enjoy breakfast together, and then is asked to read a book together.

According to Melissa, “Breakfast Club allows Head Start children to have a chance to spend time with leaders in our community. The program also means children have an opportunity to be exposed to a range of professions.”

If you are interested in getting involved with the Breakfast Club, please contact Melissa Chesnut at 816-233-8281 or

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