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Does Your Brand Strategy Have a Panic Room?

Have you noticed that your brand strategy is just like a blue print? You lay it out before you start building your brand, with precise planning and customization. But have you considered what you would do if your brand encountered … Continue reading

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Is Your Brand Strategy Talking to the Right Generation?

We know a great target audience when we see one and the numbers aren’t lying: there is a reason why businesses are putting their brand strategies into overdrive in order to keep up with a certain generation; the Millennials. Who … Continue reading

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Your Brand Strategy: Protection in a Digital Society

Target took a massive hit to their brand when they announced that hackers gained access to close to 40 million customers’ credit and debit card information. While Target has taken every effort to make sure their customers feel safe and … Continue reading

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How Netflix Rescued its Brand

The year 2011 started off on the wrong foot for Netflix. Their stock lost half its value in just three months and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was even named the worst CEO of the year by the New York Times. … Continue reading

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Does Your Brand Strategy Have a Good Story?

When creating your brand strategy it is important to move away from those hard sales messages or marketing blurbs. Instead, you need to be focusing on telling your story. Small business and nonprofit websites and blogs should lean toward more … Continue reading

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Checklist for When You Choose a Branding Consultant

How do you choose a branding consultant? Do you meet a few for an “it’s just lunch,” or do you look online to see who likes what you like?  Trying to choose a branding consultant is not all that unlike … Continue reading

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We Get to Talk About Our Name, and We Like It … Do You?

We’re sometimes asked a familiar, but important question:  what does copywriting in your name mean, anyway? If you’re considering a name modification or name change for your business, consider it carefully. The “copywriting” piece of our name, Susan J. Campbell … Continue reading

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Consistent Customer Communications Start with a Clear Strategy

How do you generate leads among your customer base? Do you wait for a customer to contact you to place another order or add accessories to a platform they already own? If you are like most business owners, you can’t … Continue reading

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