Four Social Networking Mistakes to Avoid

Wondering how to navigate the never-ending rules and tools within your social media networks? A lot of people do as too often, strategies don’t exist to guide content and sharing, or a company uses their platforms to shout out information instead of engaging the audience. Fortunately, social networking mistakes can be corrected – as long as you know they are happening.

A recent Jeff Bullas article (a source we like to use often as his insight into the industry is intuitive and realistic) highlights a few mistakes companies make and how to turn the tide toward effective social networking. Let’s take a closer look and see how these mistakes fit in your environment and what to do to get on a positive path for change.

A Lack of a Clear Social Networking Strategy

Like any other tool you use in business, without a clear guide for where you are, where you want to be and how to get there, your social networking efforts should be guided by a clear strategy. Be sure to put this in place before you ever build a profile – you’ll save time when you don’t have to go back and make changes.

The Social Networking Strategy Lacks Consistency

When you don’t plan your social media posts in advance, it’s easy to post contradicting or inconsistent information across different platforms. Therefore, plan your posts in advance and check them against your strategy. It also helps to have another person involved in the process to double check the posts. At the same time – be sure you or someone else is monitoring the site. Nothing is worse than a follower leaving comments that are ignored.

Material Used for Social Networking has Mistakes

Quality content should always be a priority when implementing any type of social networking strategy. Whether it’s your original content or something from an expert in your field, be sure it’s error free. Nothing kills your credibility like bad grammar and spelling errors. Readers will only see the errors and won’t keep reading.

Branding Opportunities are Missed

Any communication with the outside world should include the company name, logo, links to assets and more. It doesn’t mean that all of these things should be included in every post, but don’t send something out that lacks a representation of your brand. It is your most valuable asset – use it.

In all reality, these four social networking mistakes only scratch the surface of challenges you could be having with your current social media efforts, but they do represent a good place to start. For more information on how to launch an effective campaign, give us a call today.

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