What to Include in Your Content Strategy

When you work for a content company, you need to have a content strategy. It helps all key players understand what is happening at any given time, when content needs to be created, the topics of focus, the type of content to be created and where it will be used to drive traffic to a particular destination.

As a content creation company, our key focus is to do just that for every company we work with. The content strategy, along with the editorial calendar, helps us to determine what should happen and when, to accomplish this goals we have outlined.

The use of the word “content” can be confusing, however, as companies tend to refer to anything they create as content. In reality, we do it, too. But, if you’re creating a video and will use that to drive traffic to your website, call it video content. If you are using social media tools to promote your message, call it social media content.

Why designate each type of content? It helps in the development of your content strategy. Content can be anything you create to push out and support your core message. The key is to build out that strategy to ensure you covered all the bases you can cover and make the strategy truly work for you.

Fortunately, we’re not the only ones in the industry who preach the importance of the content strategy. A recent Top Rank Blog (which is an excellent source, by the way) writing highlighted just what you need to have in your strategy. We have successfully implemented this strategy for our clients in the past and think that these elements are key.

Content – It all has to Build Trust
This truth cannot be stressed enough. You have to not only deliver value in your content; your readers have to believe what you write. When you write quality content that provides a “how to”, reviews, testimonials or articles, you provide content that the reader can trust.

Content – It has to Educate
Readers want to glean something from what they read; build educational information into your content. Offer them eBooks, newsletters, FAQs and even survey data. Plus, consider a seminar or a Webcast and you’ll be amazed – when promoted correctly – how many people will show up.

Contributions – Get the Community Involved
If you want to be considered the number one source for information in your field, get the number one content creators to blog on your site. You can also invite happy customers to provide testimonials and current customers to write reviews.

Conversions – Get ‘em with Content
Ultimately, you want people who have found your content to do something else once they are ready to leave the page. Do you want them to call you? Should they provide their information? Landing pages that capture information before sharing a free white paper is an instant lead; case studies that highlight your successes in the market offer a next step; and in-person events enable you to offer nuggets to the crowd so they will want to pay for something more.

If you truly want to see the results you need with your content marketing, implement a content strategy that leverages many different forms with clear goals. Not sure how to get started? This is what we do best – so give us a call and we’re happy to provide a free consultation.

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