Now That You Have Them, What Will You Do to Engage Your Audience?

Remember catching a firefly on a summer night as a child, or maybe catching a brilliant jar full? In some ways, it’s a little bit like engaging your audience with content marketing tools. The question is the same:  now that you have a healthy batch of devoted, interested fans, friends and re-Tweeters, what will you do with them?

This is where the fun really begins. As described in a post from Marketing Tech News, having great numbers on your social media tools and website traffic that’s on the rise is just the beginning. Keeping your audience engaged with quality content marketing and communications strategies is the next step, and it’s a big one.

Think of this timeframe after you’ve built a strong buzz about your organization online as a critical phase of change. Now you’ve got the attention of some potential leads, supporters and buyers – don’t let their fire fade. They believe they will hear something valuable from your organization, and with a few key tips, you can deliver.

First, consider your social media activity as part of a carefully planned strategy, or as part of an overall campaign. This means not posting randomly, but making a list of keywords for optimizing your search rankings and placing those keywords into a calendar stating how you’ll deliver that content. This can include who will post, about what topic or link, with which keywords, on what timeframe.

Remember that every message you put forth across your social media is a chance to answer a readers’ question, give them a new perspective or find out what they have to say. Keep posting quality, valuable content on a regular basis and give your users a chance to be part of the action. Try contests, surveys or how-tos. Thank them for being there for you and believing in your brand. By the same note, don’t overpost and certainly no desperate pleas.  Engaging your audience with content marketing tools is about inspiring people to take a next action step, not smothering them.

Ultimately, engaging your audience of friends and fans you’ve worked diligently to gain hinges on your ability to strategize, to offer valuable information and to let them let their own light shine. Repost and share what they have to say about your brand, and acknowledge that their opinions count. After all, great content marketing is sometimes about stepping back and taking in the vibrance your 1,754 friends bring to your brand.

If you’re ready to explore those elements that draw your customers in, give us a call. At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting, we’re focused on learning your business so we can best serve you. To learn more – contact us today.

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